The Future Leadership Development Center comprises of an executive committee whose duties are summarized as follows:

1. Establishing the future vision of the Center through preparing a short-term strategic plan.

2. Implementing the functions of the administrative units in structuring the Center in a way that aligns with the strategic goals of the university.

3. Presenting plans and proposals in the field of preparing and developing the skills of leaders.

4. Reviewing and evaluating local and international partnerships.

5. Coordination between the Center and all sectors of the university to define all training and development fields and implement its mechanism in accordance with the laws and regulations.

6. Proposing programs, training courses, research, studies and events that the Center undertakes to develop the field of successful and creative leadership.

7. Discuss and study reports on the evaluation of leadership programs at the Center issued by the Measurement and Evaluation Unit.

8. Determine the training programs for each semester and the target groups, and choose the trainers for all programs and schedule them.

The committee consists of the following team:

  • Dr. Omer bin Mohammad Badawood, Head of the committee

  • Dr. Mohammed bin Abdul Rahman Al-Qarni, Committee member

  • Dr. Tariq bin Faisal Ilyas, Committee member

  • Dr. Hussain bin Muhammad Basi, Committee member

  • Dr. Fouad bin Sadaqah bin Muhammad Mardad, Committee member

  • Dr. Baraa Bint Adel Rajab, Committee member

  • Dr. Abdul Rahman bin Hamed Al-Salami, Committee member

  • Mr. Mohammed bin Abdul Rahim Al-Zahrani, Secretary of the Committee

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