Future Leaders Center

Our Center

Since its establishment, King Abdulaziz University has played a great role in developing the skills and abilities of its students and staff and equipping them with the necessary tools to serve their country and society. Given the importance of preparing and qualifying a generation of future leaders, to continue and build on the development experienced by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It has been decided to build a center that prepare future leaders to become the heart of the University's active contribution to enhancing the leadership capabilities of its students and employees who are expected to assume administrative responsibilities at the university.

In line with the university’s strategic plan, the Center for Preparing Future Leaders seeks to build an effective strategy that contributes to identifying future leaders of students and employees, refining their leadership talents, and providing them with the necessary information that contributes to enhancing their leadership capabilities that fit the future visions of the university in light of the Kingdom’s 2030 vision.

The Center offers integrated programs that include a series of processes to select qualified students who are passionate about leading and are eager to serve the community, and then they are nominated to attend training courses, workshops, lectures, dialogues and projects on leadership skills.

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Last Update 1/8/2020 1:21:21 PM